How is Store2Door Different From "Other Delivery" Services?

While other services increase prices and charge numerous "hidden" fees; our clients pay actual in-stores prices (including BOGO's, manager specials, and other mark-downs).

Other shopping services focus on fast delivery - pushing their shoppers in and out of the store as fast as possible.  Time is monitored and that shopper is penalized for not rushing through the store.  As a result,  food expiration dates are not verified and quality control suffers. 

Store2Door develops a relationship with each customer and an understanding of our client's needs and preferences.  We deliver "top shelf" products each and every time.  Our clients will ALWAYS  receive the very best. 

We do NOT charge the various other fees charged by "other" companies just because something is heavy, too many of the same item or contains certain ingredients.

We provide the original paper store receipts UPON DELIVERY not a recreated and adjusted electronic receipt. 

TOTAL transparency - nothing to hide.

We accept coupons, provide contactless deliveries, alcohol & tobacco delivery (age verification required), and prescription deliveries.